Culture and Heritage

Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage

The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage encourages citizens and residents of Qatar to appreciate and participate in the arts.


Culture enhances the quality of life, sense of identity and develops creativity and innovation, besides generating new aspects of knowledge.


Creating vital cultural scene that preserves heritage, copes with new ideologies, encourages cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue based on societal partnership and supports innovative cultural initiatives and projects, as well as attracts promising talents for contribution in development of Qatar to reach new horizons.


The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage aims to:

  • Develop cultural gains and enrich intellectual production.
  • Create an appropriate atmosphere for development of artistic and literary production as well as diversifying its resources.
  • Protect national heritage, deepen scientific research and highlight its characteristics.
  • Promote fine arts, spread and develop related patterns.
  • Preserve national heritage and antiquities.!ut/p/c5/vZLJcqMwFEW_xR_QlsQgpKUtDM2MjRisDYUpQwzBwTENNl_fpHqVRbJK9bvLV7fOfQMQYNG1GC91MVzersUryIDAuWUyZkYKtuB-J0GLqRhGNkKmi5f-Eec0IAwRAk1TjRi0JClGxEgQ3MJP7kDaG4tb2oRMiWXHkUEKMqjkUfPsrbmdD828hz5nz0j3Jk_fPSMuLL_xA18vIW8HN-IW5PzgDO3DRR5FibHfbTyW-QiugA3E5dStp7JbwzVWIdGwQiGCVCIqWUjiI8t3ST_68IvaQHAEQvtyE7oC-A_O8j1L_Y8s_KOsTzeSFA1ihCQVy4QQBYOUH2Vfv1uTbvmVzcf2ZSjK88E139NRNwazusVyT0fhMWb8GRp68vtAJEO2vCqPzw_62txCd5d2oZWk7XsahaqDipALs2za3p4zuaFNItt6Su-Tyq7RWSmHXDl1ydSqcyDY7YWT67Mc3Mr1tprn2kzQPBZ27O6rdqvV6bBNf9UMFVN0DJ1HdbhLM_Pqxxg0JnLr1Qr4v9-6M-i7eGzbyv8nZfUXdQWItg!!/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh


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